Aug 3rd, 2012

Hei! I need some smoothie inspiration, cus i want to make smoothies ive never tried before. So. Do you have any? :)

Jul 28th, 2012
A good-weekend-kiss from med and my cat Katja. Have a good time!
Jul 26th, 2012
Me @ work trying to look like my t-shirt. LadyGaGaLove
Jul 25th, 2012
Dinner @ grandmas place! Cauliflower soup and green tea. Mmmm!
Jul 25th, 2012
Todays breakfast!

100 gr yoplait dobbel 0 Mango
60 gr strawberries
22 gr cranberries

All of this, 77 cal And yummy. Dessertlike breakfast!
Jul 25th, 2012

Ive just started checking out pilates, and im wondering if anyone knows of any good pilates videos? Thanks! xx

Jul 24th, 2012

I rushed home from work, got my running clothes on, tied my shoes, stepped outside the door. BAM thunder and lightening. Guess ill be spinning inside today then….

Jul 23rd, 2012
Havent had the time posting any smoothiez today. Bringing em up as soon as I come down from this mountain!
Jul 23rd, 2012
Filling up the fridge @ work!
Jul 21st, 2012
I had this huge craving, and i searched the kitchen for anything. Found a banana and made this. Omg. Cant wait to eat it.
1 banana, solid frozen
1 teaspoon with 100% cocoa powder
Whizzzz in a mixer. Garnish with white chocolate heart (If you have that) And eat.
Jul 20th, 2012
Finished a short spinning-round at home, now ready for work! Have a nice day, drink tea! <3
Jul 18th, 2012
The moment i had taken my shoes on, ready to run, it started to pour outside! Luckily i have this! Spinning @ home starts, now!
Jul 17th, 2012
Im home in my hometown for a couple of weeks. Took this picture of me and Henrik a few days ago when we were hiking. I love the nature. Have a nice day, and hike if you can!
Jul 12th, 2012
Having people over tonight. Fruit for everyone!
Jul 12th, 2012
Me and the Hulk drinking green tea @ work! Have a nice day!